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A study on the difficulties in teaching and learning English speaking to non-English major freshmen at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HUI) Essays

An investigation on the troubles in educating and learning English addressing non-English major first year recruits at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HUI) Essays An investigation on the troubles in instructing and learning English addressing non-English major green beans at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HUI) Paper An examination on the challenges in instructing and learning English addressing non-English major green beans at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HUI) Paper An examination on the challenges in educating and learning English addressing non-English major green beans at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HU) BY datsY27101989 CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY OF STUDY PROJECT REPORT TITLE: An investigation on the troubles in instructing and learning English addressing non-English major first year recruits at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HOI) Date of accommodation: 16/05/2013 Name: VO THI KIM COC Supervisors Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hung Tien Tutors Name : Le Huong Hoa, M. A l guarantee that this work is altogether my own and has not been acknowledged as a component of an accommodation to another reason somewhere else. Marked: Word length: words Acknowledgments This investigation has been finished with the assistance and backing of numerous individuals. Along these lines, I am thankful to every one of them. Above all, I wish to give my extraordinary affirmation to Mr. Le Hung Tien, my director, who has made a critical commitment to the achievement of this examination. He molded me on the way toward being a free scientist. I likewise might want to give my much obliged for Ms. Le Huong Hoa, my coach. Dear Ms. Hoa, thank you for your underlying thoughts of the exploration point and your help during the time I was directing the examination. You have contributed a great deal of vitality and important time advising and adjusting my examination. Without your assistance and backing, I would experience been in much difficulty finishing my examination. Working with you, I have taken in a great deal of important information and encounters in doing investigate. Additionally, I might want to Mrs. Dinh Thi Hoa, speaker of Faculty of Foreign Languages at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry, who offered me guidance on my investigation. Her recommendation and direction helped me defeat troubles while I was executing the examination. No affirmation would be finished without expressing gratitude toward my folks who consistently nspired me such a great amount in completing this exploration. I likewise need to offer affirmation to my companions who invested their energy to assist me with examining my paper and give wise remarks. Chapter by chapter guide SUPERVISORS REMARKS Grade: Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hung Tien ABSTRACT The examination did under the title An investigation on the troubles in educating and learning English addressing non-English major first year recruits at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry. The deterrents in educating and getting the hang of talking ability are overviewed in some chosen classes and saw by the specialist. Meetings are likewise sorted out o get strengthening results for the surveys. All the quantitative and subjective techniques are passed on to get information for the exploration. As the outcome, instructors and understudies have various challenges in educating and getting the hang of talking expertise. In classes, the educators overviewed meet troubles with the huge size of classes, studentslow inspiration, studentsinsuffcient English fitness, etc while understudies meet snags, for example, troublesome exercises, instructors unacceptable showing techniques, and the concerns of committing errors. In outline, all the troubles start from objective and abstract reasons. The method of reasoning of the examination: Nowadays, English assumes a significant job in the general public. The quantity of individuals English talking is turning out to be famously. Talking ability is one of the unavoidable aptitudes in learning English. Penny Ur (1996:120) noted, Speaking appears to be instinctively the most significant in four fundamental aptitudes. Truth be told, through tal king, individuals can communicate their feelings, reach others individuals, set up compatibility. In some circumstance, we utilize English addressing give directions or to complete things. That is likewise a motivation behind why today an ever increasing number of individuals figure out how to communicate in English. A large portion of the students of English concur that the capacity to communicate uninhibitedly in correspondence is the incredible significance for their future vocation, particularly in present day social orders where reaching with outsiders regularly happens. Be that as it may, there still exist numerous troubles in learning and showing English in Vietnam all in all and at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HOI) specifically. Numerous Vietnamese students can compose and peruse English very well however they can't talk it effectively and easily, all things considered, correspondence. Doubtlessly, there are numerous purposes behind this reality. In the wake of instructing the non-English major tudents particularly green beans at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry for certain years, I have perceived some large hindrances which forestall English language educators and students in Vietnam from accomplishing their points. These snags are: huge and heterogeneous classes, understudies low degree of English language capability, understudies low inspiration and some others. Shockingly, this isn't just the circumstance in these colleges yet in addition the case for some different schools and colleges in Vietnam. This has given me the craving to direct An investigation on the challenges in educating and of Industry 2. Points of the examination: The exploration researches the truth of instructing and learning English talking ability to non-English major first year recruits at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry. The primary objective of the examination is to distinguish the challenges of educator and understudies when they manage talking ability. 3. Exploration inquiries of the examination: 1 . What are the challenges of instructor at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry when showing English addressing non-English major rookies? 2. What are the troubles of non-English major first year recruits at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry when learning the English talking? 4. The extent of the examination: Educating and learning the English talking expertise is a wide field for research. In the extent of this investigation because of the constrained time and information, the examination centers around challenges in educating and learning English addressing the principal year understudies of non-English major at HI-Jl. 5. Techniques for the examination: To fullflll the above points, the agent has picked both subjective and quantitative strategies for the investigation. Information for examination are increased through the accompanying sources: Survey polls: this strategy is utilized to discover the troubles the instructor and first-year understudies of non-English major at Ho Chi Minh College of Industry when they learn and show English talking. The polls are helpful for getting information of the perspectives and practices of the instructors and students when confronting these challenges. It is exceptionally helpful for the noteworthy in getting increasingly subjective information by drawing nearer to the objects of the examination. Also, perception done by the scientist is prompting increasingly target information and open new viewpoint of the examination. 6. Plan of the investigation: This minor examination comprises of two sections: Part An INTRODUCTION: expresses the justification, points, research questions, the degree, ethod and structure of the examination. Part B-DEVELOPMENT: incorporates three sections: Chapter I - LITERATURE REVIEW: gives hypothetical foundation that is pertinent to the reason for the investigation. Section II - METHODOLOGY: presents the procedure of the examination including the exploration setting, strategies for study, research plan. Section Ill - FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION: manages the information investigation of two surveys intended for English educators and non-English major first year recruits to discover their troubles in instructing and getting the hang of talking expertise. PART S: DEVELOPMENT 1. 1. Speaking Skill: 1. 1. 1 . Ideas of Speaking: Speaking is the gainful, oral aptitude. Talking comprises of creating methodical verbal articulations to pass on significance (expressions are just things individuals state). As per Carter David Nunans book (2001 :19), talking is an intelligent procedure of building implying that includes creating and accepting and preparing data and it is regularly unconstrained, open-finished and developing, yet it isn't totally eccentric. Talking is key to human correspondence. Distinctive phonetics has various ideas of talking yet they are for the most part concurring with this thought. Earthy colored additionally characterizes in her book talking as a procedure of building implying that includes delivering, getting and handling data, (1994:241). In Brown and Yules suppositions in instructing the Spoken Language book (1983:236), communicated in language comprises of short, fragmentary expressions in a scope of articulation. For the most part, there is a lot of redundancy and cover between one speaker and another. Speaker ordinarily utilizes vague references. They additionally include that communicated in language is made by utilizing the approximately sorted out grammar, and vague words, expressions and channels, for example, Oh, well, uhuh, and so on. A far reaching conversation of the idea of talking is given by Bygate (1991 59), who demonstrates that so as to have the option to communicate in an unknown dialect, it is clearly important to have small scale semantic abilities, that is, to see some syntax, jargon and the principles administering how words are assembled to shape sentences. Be that as it may, these engine keen abilities, as Bygate calls them, are not adequate since while creating sentences, we frequently need to adjust them to the conditions. He at that point presents the second arrangement of talking abilities: the cooperation aptitudes, which include utilizing information and essential engine erception abilities in choosing what to state and how to state it, while keeping up the expected connection with others. 1. 1. 2. The Role and Status of Speaking in Language Learning and Teaching: As it was inferred in the presentation, the expertise of talking has been as of late considered by numerous methodologists a need in language educating. Of all the four aptitudes, Ur (1996: 120) finishes up, talking appears to be instinctively the mos

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Capital Structure Theory Essay Essays

Capital Structure Theory Essay Essays Capital Structure Theory Essay Paper Capital Structure Theory Essay Paper At the point when an organizations obligation to-value proportion boosts its worth and limits the organizations weighted normal expense of UAPITA (WAC), it is supposed to be at the objective or ideal capital structure. Obligation as a rule offers a lower cost of capital as a result of the capacity to deduct charge from Interest, however the companys hazard Increases as obligation Increases. Part b. (Business Risk) Business hazard alludes to the hazard brought upon the firm by its tasks. This can be affected by numerous variables, for example, cost of creation, deals volume, unit value, rivalry, request, government guidelines, and so on. An organization with higher business hazard ought to work with a capital structure that has a lower obligation apportion to defend TTS investors by ensuring that it can meet the entirety of its monetary commitments. A high business hazard implies a low obligation proportion while a low business chance implies that a firm may have the option to work with a high obligation proportion. Part c. (Activity Leverage) A firm that makes hardly any deals with deals giving a high gross edge is said to have high activity influence. Working influence is reliant on an organizations fixed and variable expenses. In the event that a firm has a high extent of fixed costs it has high activity influence instead of a firm with low fixed expenses and high factor throws which are unconsidered to have a low activity influence. A top of the line vehicle sales center has high working influence while a market has low working influence. In a high working influence firm or Industry, estimating Is Incredibly Important. A little mistake in guaging could incredibly harm the organizations BIT. The inverse can be said for a firm with a low working influence. A little blunder in anticipating is acknowledged and anticipated. The blunder will have little impact on the organizations BIT. A Company with high activity influence should fund its tasks with a low measure of obligation to guarantee, n the instance of a misinterpretation, to secure Its Investors. Business hazard and activity influence frequently go connected at the hip and are utilized to ascertain the organizations absolute hazard on ROE. Part d. (Exchange Off Theory) The exchange off hypothesis expresses that there are advantages to obligation inside a capital structure up until the ideal, or target, capital structure. The hypothesis produces into results the assessment shield made by intrigue installments. Intrigue installments on obligation are charge deductible making a tax reduction for obligation financing. A firm arrives at ideal capital structure when the peripheral assessment shield rises to the minimal liquidation costs. Liquidation costs are ten Increased expenses AT Talking Witt EOT Instead AT Witt similarly which bring about a higher likelihood of insolvency. Along these lines, there is where the minimal tax cuts equivalent the expense of financing with more obligation. Now, we see the organizations ideal capital structure. Part e. Hilter kilter Information and Signaling) Asymmetric data alludes to the acknowledgment that supervisors have more and better data that outside financial specialists do. Flagging depends on an organizations activities and how it is safeguarded by its speculators. Confident person topsy-turvy data could lead gracious firm out of nowhere assuming more obligation or expanding their profit approach. This would flag that the organization is going to encounter development or is at a full grown and stable state. Worry wart hilter kilter data could lead a firm to give increasingly stock since they perceive an up and coming misfortune. By giving progressively stock, the misfortune could be spread over a bigger number of investors bringing about a littler misfortune for each offer. Speculators know this be that as it may and are attentive when a firm issues progressively stock. As a result of flagging, when a firm attempts to modify their capital structure their financial specialists carry on in path coordinated by the sign given, regardless of whether that sign is precise or not. Part f. (WAC) WAC or weighted normal expense of capital is the organizations cost of capital with every class of capital weighted proportionately. The more obligation that organization utilizes, the higher the WAC. The higher the WAC, the higher the companys hazard. When utilizing obligation, the WAC starts to fall, yet in the end, the expenses of obligation and value will make WAC increment which will thusly make the estimation of the organization drop. This takes us back to the ideal or target capital structure, where the obligation to value Asia boosts the organizations esteem. Part g. (Hold Borrowing Capacity) Firms ought to be that as it may, utilize a lower obligation to value proportion than ideal capital structure proposes. The explanation being, that an open door may emerge where more assets are required. As recently talked about, the issue of increasingly stock imparts a negative sign whether the sign is exact or not, yet to give more obligation past the ideal capital structure proportion would diminish the organizations esteem which would likewise impart a negative sign. Consequently, a firm ought to have a save acquiring limit on account of such a chance. Part h. (Lucky chances) A fateful opening is a timeframe where an ordinarily inaccessible opening exists. A model is todays financing costs. The lucky chances hypothesis recommend that since loan fees are so strangely low, presently is a decent time for organizations to give obligation. Actually, when securities exchange costs are incredibly high, firms should give greater value. Part I. (Individual Application) It is absolutely critical that chiefs know and comprehend their organizations hazard and how it separates into activity influence and business chance. This may be dialed exclusively down their specific firm or off their industry all in all. Chiefs ought to likewise consider the advantage of deducting enthusiasm on obligation to use as a duty shield. Administrators should take the deviated data hypothesis and motioning into thought. They ought to know about what certain activities sign and how they can abstain from imparting an inappropriate sign and use motioning to further their potential benefit. The WAC ought to likewise be viewed as while deciding the companies obligation to value proportion. They should realize that at one point, WAC will start to increment as now ten Tall Is Klan on a lot of EOT IT an enterprise needs to make the most of AT a chance yet doesn't have the assets essential, they should give more obligation to take advantage. Hence administrators ought to have a save acquiring limit and have a lower beginning obligation to value proportion than the ideal capital structure recommends. Chiefs ought to likewise be careful and mindful of windows of chances in which they can augment the companies development. As should be obvious, there are numerous angles one needs to consider while deciding an organizations capital structure and this paper just marginally starts to start to expose capital structure hypothesis.

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Essay Free Samples - A Great Way to Learn Essay Writing

Essay Free Samples - A Great Way to Learn Essay WritingThere are lots of essay free samples online that could be used to make a good essay. To write an essay with the help of the free sample is just like writing one from scratch without the help of the sample. All that you need to do is to select the topic, write the content and complete it according to the format.The best part of the essay free samples is that you do not have to worry about the quality of the writing. The samples can be easily customized and you can change the format as well as add the keywords in order to meet the required format. So, you just have to take the help of the sample in order to write your essay. In fact, there are a number of websites that offer free essay samples.Writing an essay does not require any expertise. It is important that you must know the importance of the essay. If you know the importance of the essay then you will not be afraid of writing an essay and also enjoy it. It is important that t he writer must write an essay on his own. This will make the work more meaningful and will make the writer feel happy.There are a lot of essay free samples that can be used in order to write a good essay. As per the needs of the essay the selection of essay or sample may vary according to the nature of the topic and the purpose of the essay.Essay samples can be a requirement to learn the use of the form. There are a number of websites that offer free resources for the writers and the readers who want to learn the use of essay. You can also find essay sample on the internet that helps the writers in writing the essay.There are a lot of essay samples that can be found online and they are updated on a regular basis. As per the needs of the essay writers, the appropriate resource for the topic should be chosen.When you want to write an essay then you can search for the relevant topic online. The essay writing guidelines can be followed to get the right direction. There are a number of a vailable essay writing guidelines that can be accessed through the internet that helps the writers learn the correct way of writing a paper.After knowing the use of the essay writing guidelines you can be free to customize your essay and have the desired content. The essay free samples can be useful to write an essay.

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Dollar General Financial Analysis Essay - 639 Words

This analysis contains references to years 2010 and 2009 for Dollar General Corporation, which represent fiscal years ended January 28, 2011 and January 29, 2010 respectively. The main issues which the company is concerned about are its ability to increase sales and profitability and reduce costs in the current economic situation; another issue is an ability to repay an extensive amount of long-term debt which increases its risks. Analysis of profitability The rate of return on assets for Dollar General for 2010 was 6.8% thus for each dollar the company used it earned $0.068. For 2009 ROA was 3.8%, so ROA increased between 2009 and 2010 fiscal years. Profit Margin for ROA is 4.8% for 2010 and for 2009 is 2.9%. We can see an increase†¦show more content†¦It decreased by 20 percent over a year which means that the company successfully paid a part of its long-term loans. Cash flow from operations to total liabilities ratio for 2010 is 15.1% and for 2009 is 11.7%. Financially healthy company has cash flow from operations to total liabilities ratio of 20% or more. Dollar General has a high long-term liquidity risk. Interest coverage Ratio for 2010 is 3.6 and for 2009 is 1.6. A high fluctuation makes the company risky, although it exceeded a 3.0 benchmark in 2010 it should show this stability over time. In conclusion, financial statements of Dollar General present the increase in company’s profitability and sales over the last two years, they reduced their expenses as well. The only information that the statements do not disclose is which brands of merchandise increased their sales, and what was the cost of goods sold compared to the profit they made. Since the company was concerned about promotion of their private brand it would be helpful to know what percent of sales does their private brand make comparison to other brands. Nevertheless, the long-term liquidity risk does not look as safe. The company will have to show the stability in its ratios overtime to insure investors that it has low risk and is able to repay its debt in a long run as well as maintain stableShow MoreRelatedFinancial Statements And Cash Flows For Each Company1316 Words   |  6 PagesExploring the Financial Statements The balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows for each company is presented in the Appendix. Dollar Tree’s financial statements are presented in Attachments 2-4 (pages XXX-XXX). Dollar General’s financial statements are presented in Attachments 5-7 (pages XXX-XXX). All calculations described in this current section can be found in Attachment 8 (page XXX). Both Dollar Tree and Dollar General use U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting PrinciplesRead MoreBank of China: Chinese Central Bank861 Words   |  4 Pagesconsecutively as Chinese central bank, international exchange bank and specialised international trade bank. Fulfilling its commitment to serving the public and developing Chinas financial services sector, the Bank rose to a leading position in the Chinese financial industry and developed a good standing in the international financial community. In 1994, the Bank was transformed into a wholly state-owned commercial bank. In August 2004, Bank of China Limited was incorporated. The Bank was listed on the HongRead MoreMethod Analysis Essay942 Words   |  4 Pagesto 3 page paper, evaluate the three methods of analysis: horizontal, vertical, and ratio as explained in Chapter 9 of your textbook. Summarize each method, and discuss how the financial information is used to make a particular decision. Provide a scenario in a health care situation in which a given method of analysis might be used. Horizontal: Horizontal analysis, also called trend analysis, refers to studying the behavior of indi- vidual financial statement items over several accounting periodsRead MoreGeneral Motors : Gm North America928 Words   |  4 Pages â€Æ' 2.0 General Motors William Crapo Durant established largest automobile manufacturer in the world, General Motors, in 1908 to produce Buick automobiles. In the first year of the company, GM had satisfying sales rates and in the advancing years the company merged with other companies, such as Cadillac, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and AC Sparks Plugs. Amalgamation with other companies increased its sales and GM continued to merge with Chevrolet, Vauxhall Motors of Great Britain, Hummer, Isuzu, GMC, HoldenRead MoreGeneral Mills Inc. Understanding Financial Statements Essay1733 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The case study General Mills Inc. - Understanding Financial Statements focuses on the most basic idea of finance analysis. This case is a brief look into the language that is used in the finance world and a start to interaction with auditors. In this case, KPMG LLP, the public accounting firm that was auditing their statements, had sent two opinion letters. The first letter was ensuring that both parties were aware that General Mills had internal control over financial reporting. The secondRead MoreIntroduction Of The Foreign Exchange Market Essay1325 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction to the Foreign Exchange Market As the leading financial market in the world, the Foreign Exchange Market consists of several types of financial institutions, such as, investors, such as, central banks, brokers, and investment firms. The Foreign Exchange Market does not have an actual physical location; it is a worldwide system of computers. Currency traders are linked together from all over the world by these computers. Once currency traders enter the network, the computers allow themRead MoreCost Volume Profit Analysis Of Decision Making Essay1558 Words   |  7 PagesThis paper explores Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis in decision making, utilizing six papers of research. Each of these articles deal with some aspect of Cost-Volume-Profit and its use or impact on decision making for financial managers. The paper focuses on the details, methods, and uses of Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis as it can be used by organizations and add benefit to the organization. â€Æ' Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis In Decision Making When studying finance in college almost all classes willRead MoreEssay on Ace Manufacturing1261 Words   |  6 Pagesfrustrations at times. Fortunately, these cases are the only â€Å"strictly financial† case studies †¦ the only ones where number crunching is an end unto itself. However, basic financial analysis will always be an important part of our toolkit for making pricing decisions. The document which follows contains the â€Å"answers† to these two case study assignments: Ace Manufacturing and Healthy Spring Water. Despite the financial emphasis, they are similar to the previous cases insofar as theyre intentionallyRead MoreFinancial Analysis of John Deere1080 Words   |  5 PagesAssignment 1: Financial Analysis of John Deere David Schwendinger Strayer University Financial Accounting for Managers Acc 556 Dr. James Turkvant May 11, 2015 Assignment 1: Financial Analysis of John Deere In this paper I will provide analysis of the annual report provided by the company. I will specifically looking at this report from an investor’s prospective, attempting to ascertain whether John Deere is managing its finances in manner that will draw investors. Other, non-financial, aspectsRead MoreGoogle : Financial Analysis On The Health Of A Business1723 Words   |  7 PagesGoogle: Financial Analysis Financial statements provide a picture of the health of a business is and how prepared they are to face the challenges ahead. Publically traded companies are required to post financial statements and a detailed 10-K report on the SEC website. This is a tool that creditors, analysts, and investors use in assessing the health and future of a company. This information is also used by management and decision makers to spot potential problems and move in a more positive direction

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The Unorthodox Culture Of Chinese Immigrants - 1439 Words

In the 1800’s Polygamy was a matter of other cultures and was not part of the United States. When Asian descent people started to arrive at the United States, citizens were concerned that their influence would start to shock the nation and animosity towards these people started to grow. The unorthodox culture of Chinese immigrants to allow practices of polygamy and prostitution was an important factor in federalization of immigrate law and laws subduing polygamy (Abrams, 2015). During this time the civil war started to rage in the middle of the century over the slave debate. Prostitution and polygamy were then critiqued during this time as a â€Å"slave-like† mentality (Abrams, 2015). The 14th amendment gave all persons born in the United†¦show more content†¦The reason why women were so discriminated against was the threat of reproduction. Women who were subjected the most to discrimination were the ones without children or husbands since they were understood as possible prostitutes. It didn’t just start with the Page Law however when it came to discrimination based on culture/race. There are accounts of anti-Chinese clubs being formed by miners in the 1850’s and 1860’s (Abrams, 2015.). The Burlingame Treaty was a treaty to attempt to bring additional workers in from the Asian region. The Treaty was made in 1868 to provide immigrants a pseudo citizenship in matters of trade, curiosity and allegiance (Abrams, 2015). The problems were that after a mass number of immigrants came to the United States the stock market crashed, and miners started to lose money (Abrams, 2015). Labors then started to link the economic depression to the mass amount of immigration from China (Abrams, 2015). While the link may be arbitrary, there were still concerns since immigrants took work for small amounts of pay and Coolie Labor made low wages possible (Berkwitz, 2007). Coolies were indentured servants under contracts for various tasks. This made animosity towards Chinese even worse as wages and economic depressions slowly ate away and the pockets of

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Platos Concept of the Body and Soul Distinction Essay

Platos Concept of the Body and Soul Distinction A:Plato believed that humans could be broken down into 3 parts: the body, the mind and the soul. The body is the physical part of the body that is only concerned with the material world, and through which we are able to experience the world we live in. it wants to experience self-gratification. It is mortal, and when it dies, it is truly dead. The mind is directed towards the heavenly realm of Ideas, and is immortal. It is with our minds that we are able to understand the eternal world of the Forms. When it dies it returns to the realm of Ideas. The soul is the driving force of the body, that it is what gives us our identity. Plato likens†¦show more content†¦The body and the inclinations are mortal but transmigrate into animals, but the intellect is immortal. He believes that the intellect represents the most divine part of the soul, and so after death it leaves the inferior physical body to join the world of Ideas. B: Platos dualism was a combination of the key ideas from both Materialism and Idealism. His theory that we had both a physical body, and a soul/mind and that the soul/mind is a thinking being, complete in itself, and capable of living without the body. A strength of Platos Dualism is that it says there is more to living than just what we are always aware of, as just because the physical world seems hard, there are other ways of living. Another strength is that he doesnt deny the existence of the physical world as an idealist might, but just says that the physical world isnt as importance, that we should be seeking to understand the world of Forms. Neither does he deny the spiritual world, and says that its important, so if we can understand the world of Ideas then we can understand Good. Aristotle, Platos pupil, was one of the sources of his greatest opposition. He argues that Platos definition of the soul is wrong, that it isnt immortal, but rather it is just the life force of the body. Ergo, when the body dies, so does the soul. One of Platos claims is that the body doesntShow MoreRelatedDistinctions and Comparisons between Aristotle and Plato Essay1681 Words   |  7 Pageson certain factors of their philosophy. Many have scrutinized and compared the dissimilarities and similarities of Aristotles doctrine of categories and Platos theory of forms. The observations found are of an interesting nature. The beauty behind the writings of Plato is to not accept what is interpreted through the senses. In Platos theory of forms, Plato explained the immaterial world as the realm containing the perfect form of objects and ideas that are presented on Earth. For instanceRead MorePlatos Belief that the Human Soul is Immortal1297 Words   |  6 Pageswas born out of Plato’s triad. The Goodness is God; the ideas are Jesus; and the World-Spirit is the Holy Spirit. All were the same theory except reshaped in order to fit into Christian doctrine. While the divine aspects of Christianity are obviously derived from Plato’s theories, it is also important to discuss human nature – more specifically the idea of the immortal soul. Plato believed in the idea that the human soul is immortal and returns to the Goodness once freed from the body and purified.Read MorePhaedo by Plato1189 Words   |  5 Pagessensory experiences in order to provide answers about the natural world. Each view has their benefits and drawbacks but each play a vital role in the discussion about knowledge. The philosopher Plato is considered to be a rationalist thinker. In Plato’s Phaedo, he shows the reader that the five senses are not what one should rely on. The senses do not provide us with truth. One’s surroundings are constantly changing thus, their senses must change with them. For example, in the winter time one feelsRead MoreConceptions of the Soul Essay1161 Words   |  5 Pagesfundamentally different conceptions of the soul. Through an analysis of their frameworks and genre, and whether their methods are plausible, it can be concluded that Aristotles formulation of the soul is more compelling than that of Plato. According to Plato, the body and the soul are separate entities. The soul is capable of existing before life of the body and after death of the body and it is constant, unchanging and non-physical (invisible). The soul resembles what is divine, immortal, andRead MoreThe Influence of Platos Theories on Chrisianity1169 Words   |  5 Pagesof the founding fathers of Western philosophy. Living from roughly 428 BCE until 348 BCE, Plato’s theories predated Christianity by at least four centuries. Because of this, it can be assumed that early Christian worshippers used Plato’s teachings as a basis for their religion. It is evident that there is a surprising amount of similarities between Plato’s philosophy and early Christianity. By utilizing Plato’s theories and philosophy, early Christians were able to bridge the gap between paganism andRead MoreEssay about Aristotle vs Plato1665 Words   |  7 Pagesinfluential philosophers in history. As a student of Pl ato, he built on his mentor’s metaphysical teachings of things like The Theory of Forms and his views on the soul. However, he also challenged them, introducing his own metaphysical ideas such as act and potency, hylemorphism, and the four causes. He used these ideas to explain his account of the soul and the immateriality of intellect. Prior to Aristotle, philosophers like Parmenides and Heraclitus argued about the existence of change. Aristotle usedRead MorePlato And St. Augustine1090 Words   |  5 Pagesworld of forms, ideas or concepts. Plato argued that conduct comes from a reference to this world of forms. By this argument, there is an eternal idea or form of each moral principle, such as justice, piety or truth. This essay will discuss the ethics of Plato, Socrates and St. Augustine According to Plato, evil is simply the result of ignorance. He believed that all people are attempting to do what they understand as good. He believes there are three parts of the soul. There is a rational and moralRead MorePlato and Aristotle: a Comparison Essay1641 Words   |  7 Pagespolitical philosophy. He fashioned a distinctive view of human nature, a view that has had a crucial formative influence on all subsequent theories of human nature. Plato pointed out the distinction between a perfect ideal and its imperfect replicas, and gave the name forms to these particular ideals. Platos philosophy was centered on his famous Theory of Forms, or Theory of Ideas. The theory is based on the observation that there must be some universal quality that all things classed under aRead MoreWhy I Am A Platonist2304 Words   |  10 Pagesnon-temporal) exist (Piyong 206). Almost universally, the distinction between these two understandings lies in the capitalization of the letter  "p† (that is, the distinction between Platonism and platonism). When the letter P is capitalized, the former denotation is in use, and when a lower case p is used, the latter denotation is in use. For the sake of congruency between my paper and widely accepted philosophical norms, I will be adapting these distinctions in my paper. Having settled this discrepancy,Read MoreSumma Theologica : The View On The Acquisition Of Knowledge917 Words   |  4 Pagesslate, or lack of knowledge, and obtains knowledge through phantasms, or sensible images, due to the unity of the body and soul. This opinion is generally unlike the views of other traditional philosophers who claim that knowledge is inherent, and Aquinas makes multiple valid arguments against the traditional view. Plato’s epistemological view is that one is born with innate concepts and ideas before they acquire additional knowledge. He argues that when asked a question, an ignorant person will

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Sugary Smiles free essay sample

It is a four-layered cake garnished with vines of forest green climbing their way up and around orange, pink, red and purple Gerber daisies. The delicious butter cream frosting hides a delicate cake of perfect whiteness surrounded by strawberry filling. It’s a cake I have been planning in my head, a cake that I dream to make one day in my very own bakery since I was fifteen years old and I first dreamed of becoming a cake decorator and pastry chef. Owning my own bakery is a job I wish to pursue someday to bring smiles to everybody who sees and tastes my creations. The start of my culinary journey began with taking a cake decorating class at Michael’s, a craft store. When walking into the classroom I was anxious to get started. Sitting in my chair and waiting for the instructor, two thoughts ran across my mind: would I actually be good at decorating a cake or would I fail dramatically? Before I knew it, the class was almost over and my table was covered in frosting, decorating bags and messy containers. We will write a custom essay sample on Sugary Smiles or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It was officially a mess! But one thing was beautiful: a white round cake with yellow shells for the border sitting in front of me. In the middle were the words Welcome Home in purple icing. That cake was my first decorated cake. I made it for my two sisters’ homecoming from college. I felt so proud and happy especially when I saw my sisters’ smiles when they ate it. That moment right there encouraged me to keep going and create more beautiful cakes. That moment right there made me realize that nothing is better than making someone smile. I love the feeling of amazement I get when I decorate an elegant cake or bake something sweet and scrumptious of my own. It’s the same feeling I get when I give a friend or even a complete stranger something that makes them smile. To me baking is about having fun and sharing my dream with others. One of my favorite shows, â€Å"Ace of Cakes†, turns an everyday object like a keyboard or board game into a cake that looks just like it. Being a cake decorator and pastry chef would allow me to have that kind of fun and explore my own creativity. I believe that I can fulfill this dream, and I also know that God, my family and my friends will be there along the way supporting me. My dream cake, the cake I dream to make in my own bakery will someday become a reality.